Beauty of Science visual for the academic opening of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Based on iconic Braem building

This summer I was briefed to make the visual for the academic opening of my employer Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels). The theme was ‘Beauty of Science’ and they showed me microscopic images in bright colors and strange forms. And at the same time they wanted to incorporate the iconic Braem building (main building and architectural gem on the campus) and the red statue of the Thinker (inspired the one from Rodin).

Gebouw M, het elipsvormige rectoraatsgebouw van de VUB, en de rode denker op de campus.


Of course, I said yes. I can turn buildings and statues into beautiful bacteria or chromosomes! After some experiments I started to find the good direction for this image.

De traphal met blauwe leuning, spelen met het exterieur van gebouw M.

Contour transparency and fluorescent colors

I took elements of the building, inside and outside and started playing with them. I made the colors very saturated, bright, mirrored the elements to create something new. Giving them a contour that would fade to transparent gave the illusion of depth.

Luifel, Ventilatie parking, bovenaanzicht tuin, traphal, gebouw M


Once the elements were created I started combining them into a hectic composition that would resemble something we should recognize under a microscope. And this is the result. Very happy with it.

Visual for the print invitation