First started as an idea to recreate the spaceship drawings out of my youth. Now a series of monumental pictures of spaceships with high detail and unreal combinations. In this series I’m building my own world with the elements of planned cities worldwide.

Thurn & Taxis – Mercury Ludens

A multimedia project about the Thurn & Taxis area in the north of Brussels. The stories are embedded in game levels and flashy imagery. This site was once a transport hub with trains coming from all over Europe. The longtime abandoned terrain and buildings are now transformed in the biggest park since the royal park was planned and keeps on evolving in a rapid tempo.



Street Lights

Shadow and light create new views on everyday scenes. As a photographer I’m looking for this moment when they create a new world that emphasis the beauty of the surroundings we live in.


Camera Obscura

One room transformed into a life size camera obscura.