Procrastination II – Le Havre 160cm x 95cm

As a photographer I have a passion for architecture, cities, streets and the people that live, work and play there. In the series Procrastination I’m creating completely new worlds in the form of spaceships. Each of the monumental pictures is based on the architectural forms and principles of a planned city.

Photography and architecture

After some research and preparation I visit the planned city that I’m going to use in my next art work. Although I’ve seen so many pictures in advance, the city always surprises and shows itself in a completely different way then you expect it wil do. That’s the first encounter with the influence a city has on you as a person, a spectator, someone experiencing it. It’s a moment when life and man build structures meet.

In a way this process is repeated in the Procrastination series when I put the elements of those cities back together in a new structure that also evokes a certain feeling and emotions.

Jan Puttevils Photography - Procrastination î◊ Chandigarh